25 May 2006

to watch with your hand on your ribs

21 May 2006

to watch holding your head in your hands

kinetocast is baCk!

three a week right for now,

one a day to come soon.

maCk mCfarland

04 May 2006

on pause

kinetocast is on pause from an 88 day run.

this will last for a period of time not yet determined,
yet not to exceed three weeks.

please sign up for syndication
by clicking the orange button that reads
XML, or this XML.

or send an email with a suggestion on how I should read it to:
and i will let you know when kinetocast is off pause.

maCk mCfarland

03 May 2006

to be seen with the window open

02 May 2006

to be seen sitting on the floor with the ants

01 May 2006

to be seen with a clouded mind